All about Gantt charts

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The best methods and techniques of adapting the simple and effective approach of Gantt charts to your specific needs and projects.

Really cool features, ease of use

drag and drop gantt

Drag and Drop simplicity

Insert, edit and move tasks with just a few simple clicks – add symbols, descriptions and different colors for extra clarity.

online project sharing

Online sharing

Share the schedule online with key people so that everyone’s on the same page.

real time gantt share

Collaborate in real time

Collaborate on your schedule in real time with great ease – whether the other team member is at a different desk or on a different continent.

gantt project import export

Import and Export

Import MS Project files and export the schedule in a variety of formats for added ease of use.

gantt chart templates

Specialized templates

From Web design to Conference planning, Tom’s Planner’s specialized templates come with the main stages, sub-stages and tasks already filled out by experts in the domain – just customize and get scheduling.

gantt chart on Iphone Ipad

Mobile compatible

Make or find out about last minute changes in seconds, wherever you are – Tom's Planner runs perfectly on mobile applications like iPad or iPhone.

create and share gantt project

Create and Share Gantt Charts Online

Our team is specialized in online Gantt charts, and our experience shows, that Tom's Planner is one of the best softwares you can choose: a neat project planner software that allows you to schedule tasks, create Gantt charts online and use project management templates, all in a truly easy to use package.

Gantt charts online

The best thing about Tom’s Planner is probably its ease of use. And by ease of use we mean software usability as well as flexibility, compatibility and ease of sharing. Tom’s Planner allows you to import Ms Projects and makes online sharing, publishing and collaboration a breeze. Exporting to the desired format is also possible. And last but not least, it wouldn’t be a truly interactive planner software if it didn’t run perfectly on mobile applications like iPhone or iPad. But it does, so last minute changes to your online Gantt chart are not a problem.

Chart software made easy

One of the main purposes of any online Gantt chart is to provide a clear and transparent overview of the tasks at hand. Tom’s Planner takes this to a whole new level with more options and neat features than ever. Symbols and comments can be added to activities in seconds, which can signify anything from important deadlines or turning points to company parties. Adding actual tasks or activities is also as simple as can be: just drag them to the desired length and period in the calendar and edit them with a simple right click.

Use Tom’s Planner to create your Gantt charts online: you don’t have to be a project management professional to do it.